Viral Dancing Beardo Gets Surprised By Post Malone On Ellen

Viral Dancing Beardo Gets Surprised By Post Malone On Ellen

Have you ever wanted to watch a grown man freak out over a taped video message from Post Malone? Sure! Sure you have! And now you can!

Last week, the world got to behold the glory of Mike Alancourt, a man who can dance better than you or anyone you ever met. 1Vibe Dance, a dance studio in Jacksonville, posted an Instagram video of Alancourt — a not-young, not-small man with a luxurious full beard — and two other dancers doing a strenuous, infectious dance routine to Post Malone’s “Wow.” The video is an absolute joy to watch, since Alancourt can seriously move and since he’s clearly having so much fun while doing it. The video went mega-viral, the way these things will do. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Today, Alancourt was on Ellen to do the dance and to bask in the adoration that comes from sudden viral fame. Alancourt proved to be charming in person. And then Ellen DeGeneres introduced his surprise: A taped cell-phone greeting from Post Malone, who invited Alancourt out to a show in Arizona. It would’ve been cool if Post Malone had been there in person, but I guess Posty is a busy man. And now there’s an outside chance that you’ll get to see Alancourt do this onstage if you happen to be going to see Post Malone in Arizona. Here’s the Ellen video:

Let this serve as your regular reminder that people age at different rates, and also that “Wow.” is a pretty good song.

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