Sky Ferreira – “Downhill Lullaby”

When was the last time you listened to Night Time, My Time? Sky Ferreira’s 2013 debut album was acclaimed upon release, but at the time it was overshadowed by Yeezus and Sunbather and Days Are Gone and whatnot. Time has been good to it, though. It holds up better than almost every other 2013 LP. To call it anything other than a modern classic is to severely underrate it. Shit rules. Go back and listen. But first, listen a brand new Sky Ferreira song!

That’s right: Our long national nightmare is over, and Ferreira has really, truly begun rolling out Masochism, her Night Time, My Time follow-up. “Downhill Lullaby,” her first new original song in six years, is out today. It’s a string-laden epic that, Pitchfork reports, interpolates the Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony.” (UPDATE: Just kidding, it doesn’t interpolate “Bitter Sweet Symphony.”)

As reported in that new Pitchfork feature, Nils Gröndahl handled the strings on “Downhill Lullaby” and Twin Peaks: The Return music director Dean Hurley co-produced the song alongside Ferreira and Jorge Elbrecht. (Ferreira acted in the 2017 Showtime series.) The song was written by Ferreira, Elbrecht, and Tamaryn, and Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt contributed guitar.

Ferreira has been trickling out clues about her new album on Twitter lately. Acknowledging the aforementioned involvement of Tamaryn, she wrote, “Some of these songs might lean -accidentally – little -far -too-deep- v agro bittersweet symphony but…whatever.” About “Downhill Lullaby” specifically, she wrote, “The first song isn’t a pop song…because I really want to make a video for it (& I love it). I’m confident about all of the pop songs on my record so I decided to start with something different.” Also this: “💔TORTURE POP 💔 (lol).”

The road to this moment has been long and bumpy. Way back in April of 2015, Ferreira confirmed her second LP would be titled Masochism. By June she was teasing a lead single called “Guardian” for release that summer, but despite being performed live in 2014, the record never materialized.

Lots of vague drama ensued in the interim, but things appear to be coming together now. As promised last week, new music is here. Still no word on a release date for Masochism, but press materials say it will be later this year, and the Pitchfork story does mention a second new song ready for release. Described as a “new wave time warp” by reporter Camille Dodero, it’s called “Don’t Forget.” Ferreira says it’s “about burning down houses.”

In the meantime, we’ve got “Downhill Lullaby.” Listen below.