Georgia – “About Work The Dancefloor” Video

Georgia – “About Work The Dancefloor” Video

Last fall, London producer Georgia emerged from a couple years of silence after her 2015 debut with two new tracks, “Mellow” and “Started Out” that pushed her fractious pop songs in a more clear-cut direction. Today, she’s putting out a new single, “About Work The Dancefloor,” a sparkling song that alternates between hard and soft.

Its chorus — “I was just thinkin’ bout work the dancefloor” — has the sort of awkward grammatical construction that can’t help but get stuck in your head, delivered by a blend of Georgia’s own voice and a robotic static. The verses are all smooth synths and smoother sentiments, pleading for connection: “I don’t have much in terms of money now/ I don’t have material gifts for you,” she sings. “You want me to stay a while to be in a moment with you.” It’s an intoxicating blend of styles, and its strobe-light mood would certainly work well on the dance floor.

“‘About Work The Dancefloor’ is a song written in response to the clubbing culture I experienced in cities whilst touring,” Georgia said in a statement. “Going out and getting that emotion or sensation from a collective energy in various spaces. It’s that stuff of old school disco, the thrill of the dance floor.”

The track comes attached to a music video featuring a house that bursts into flame because it’s partying so hard. Watch and below.

“About Work The Dancefloor” is out now via Domino.

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