Charly Bliss – “Hard To Believe” Video

Charly Bliss – “Hard To Believe” Video

We are exactly one month from the release of the new Charly Bliss album Young Enough. Early singles “Capacity” and “Chatroom” showed the New York power-pop quartet leaning into the pop side of the hyphen, and while today’s offering “Hard To Believe” is as catchy as any Charly Bliss track, I suspect it will be pleasing to fans of their hard-charging debut Guppy.

The song is an uptempo rocker that, with its gigantic neon lead guitar work and lockstep rhythm section, is something like the Charly Bliss version of a Room On Fire-era Strokes song. It arrives with a video by Henry Kaplan that tweaks the standard live performance format by presenting a slightly surreal vision of band practice.

Eva Hendricks weighs in:

“Hard to Believe” is a song about being addicted to a bad relationship, and the endless cycle of trying and failing to end one. Sam wrote the guitar riff very early on in the writing process of Young Enough and we’ve always been obsessed with playing it because it’s so insanely catchy.

We shot the video on 35mm film over two days with our close friend Henry Kaplan 24 hours after returning from SXSW. Henry did a spectacular job of incorporating each of our personalities into this video, as well as providing a slightly fantastical, but ultimately realistic portrayal of a typical band practice. While we’re running songs, each band-member usually has their own inner-monologue running of either things they’re distracted by, or things they’d rather be doing. This video feels extremely “us” and I don’t think we could have made it with anyone else.

Watch below.

Young Enough is out 5/10 on Barsuk.

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