Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else – “Here Comes The Snow” Video

Chicago genius Spencer Radcliffe is releasing a new album with his backing band Everyone Else next month, the follow-up to 2017’s excellent Enjoy The Great Outdoors LP and the latest in a long line of Radcliffe projects from the past year, including a new Blithe Field album and some re-recorded older tracks.

Radcliffe’s new album is called Hot Spring and it’s out 5/17. “It’s sort of an ode to the constant underlying cosmic weirdness of everything and going through the cycles again and again and trying to stay sharp even in the face of guaranteed defeat,” he said in a press statement.

The album’s first single is “Here Comes The Snow,” a warm and warped about the cyclical nature of moods and seasons. “Here comes the snow/ Is it still cold?” Radcliffe asks in its opening lines. “You know it’s best not to believe in everything you’re told.” The track comes along with a music video, directed by Dakota Sillyman and John TerEick, that finds the whole band languidly playing a venue as paper snowflakes begin to fall.

Watch and listen below.

01 “The Birds”
02 “Bloodletting”
03 “True Love’s Territory”
04 “Clocktower”
05 “Here Comes The Snow”
06 “Floss For The Future”
07 “Thick Fog”
08 “Walking Back”
09 “No Money”
10 “Centaur’s Song”

Hot Spring is out 5/17 via Run For Cover Records.