Stream Game’s Debut Album No One Wins

The London band Game — who have nothing to do with the Compton rap star of the same name — play fast, feverish, guttural hardcore. They’ve got a frantic intensity and a deep reserve of anger. They’ve also got a very serious pedigree. Drummer Jonah Falco is also in Fucked Up, while singer Ola Herbich and bassist Nicky Rat are also members of the great British punk band Arms Race. A couple of months ago, Game shared four songs from their forthcoming debut album No One Wins, and all four of them absolutely ruled. That album has now arrived, and I am delighted to report that it, too, rules.

Game have a lo-fi immediacy, but they’ve also got a sense of scope; the epic album closer “Foundation And Empire” runs for six titanic minutes. Herbich turns out to be a great punk frontwoman. She sings in English and Polish, and she radiates absolute disgust at everything around her. This is a hell of a debut album, and you can stream it below.

No One Wins is out now on Beach Impediment Records.