Heather Woods Broderick – “I Try” Video

Heather Woods Broderick – “I Try” Video

At the end of the week, Heather Woods Broderick is releasing her new album, Invitation. We’ve heard two songs from it already, “Where I Lay” and “White Tail,” and today Broderick is sharing its third and final single, “I Try,” a gorgeous sway that sounds like collapsing into yourself.

It comes with a music video, a thematic continuation of her recent one for “White Tail.” This one was directed by Devin Febbroiello, though the project as a whole was a conceptual collaboration with director Tracy Maurice. Here’s how Febbroiello explains it:

In the video for ‘I Try’ we enter the waves and echoes of the dream landscape and follow Heather as she journeys through doorways and portals both within and without, trying to make sense of the paradoxical nature of the realm she has entered. With a nod to the twists of a fairy tale and the revelations available to those brave enough to enter the rabbit hole. The video was conceived along the Oregon coast, in studio, and combined with textural footage created with analog special effects techniques by Tracy Maurice.

Watch and listen below.

Invitation is out 4/19 via Western Vinyl. Pre-order it here.

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