Watch Nicolas Cage Sing “Purple Rain” At LA Karaoke Bar

Nicolas Cage is having a bit of a rough time. Last month, he drunkenly got married in Vegas. Four days later, he filed to have the marriage annulled. But the woman he married, Erika Koike, says that the marriage was real and is seeking spousal support. So how is Nicolas Cage coping? Karaoke.

This past Sunday, 4/21, was the third anniversary of Prince’s death. And that very same day, as TMZ reports, Nic Cage channeled all of his feelings into an emotional rendition of “Purple Rain” at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles. You can watch his rendition below.

UPDATE (4/25): Nicolas Cage popped up again at the same karaoke bar for the second time in three days, also singing “Purple Rain,” according to TMZ. Maybe he’s preparing for a role?