Mac DeMarco – “On The Square” Video

Mac DeMarco – “On The Square” Video

The release of Mac DeMarco’s new album, Here Comes The Cowboy, is approaching quickly. In fact, it’s out this Friday. So far, we’ve heard the tracks “All Of Our Yesterdays” and “Nobody.” To further whet our appetites, DeMarco has shared a surreal, somewhat nightmarish new video for the song “On The Square.”

DeMarco clearly has a fascination with facial prosthetics for this album cycle. Similar to the disturbing Voldemort-Ninja Turtle makeup he wore in the video for “Nobody,” “On The Square” is replete with uncanny, inhuman imagery. The Lynchain video — conceptualized by Catherine Sweet and directed by William Sipos and Sean Campos — finds a man without facial features (or is that meant to be a mask?) visiting a purgatory-like white realm. There, he finds people with human bodies and animal faces. One of these creatures has a painstakingly detailed Cthulu head. The sound effects will get under your skin too. It’s a lot!

Watch “On The Square” below.

In other Mac news, he recently took the Fallon stage to perform “All Of Our Yesterdays” and covered Feist’s “One Evening” backstage.

Here Comes The Cowboy is out 5/10 on Mac’s Record Label.

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