Watch Billy Eichner And The Jonas Brothers Scream At Strangers In NYC

Actor and comedian Billy Eichner started harassing strangers in 2011 for his show Billy On The Street. In each episode, he and a celebrity guest roam the streets of New York to ask pedestrians questions about pop culture, play games like “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?,” and give out hyper-specific gifts like Brokeback Mountain-themed pot-holders. Sometimes it’s very funny! Sometimes it’s a lot of yelling! Eichner brought the Jonas Brothers on the latest episode. Screams ensued.

The JoBros are currently making a comeback after six years of solo endeavors and weddings. “THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK,” Eichner yells for most of the episode. The Jonas Brothers kind of just stand there looking uncomfortable. Strangers’ reactions range from complete disinterest to thrilled shrieking. Watch it all unfold below.