Girlpool – “Minute In Your Mind” Video

Earlier this year, the great LA-borne duo Girlpool came back with the rich, thoughtful What Chaos Is Imaginary. It’s their third album and their first since Cleo Tucker, one half of the band, came out as trans. Today, the band has shared a new video for the What Chaos Is Imaginary track “Minute In Your Mind,” and it might be the most glamorous thing they’ve made. Tucker, in particular, appears as a sort of ’80s-MTV icon.

The song is a hazy, sticky thing, and it leans harder on synths than any previous Girlpool track does. Director Amalia Irons has made a colorful, atmospheric video. Some dude lifts weights and stares off into the middle distance, while Tucker floats in a pond and stares hard at the camera. Blue and purple light bathes everything. There’s steam everywhere. It’s a memorable vision, and you can watch it below.

What Chaos Is Imaginary is out now on Anti-.