Jonny Greenwood Thinks The “Slightly Unusual-Looking” Guy From SNL Should Play Him In A Movie

Who would play each Radiohead member in a biopic about the band? Good question! Jonny Greenwood has some thoughts.

NME asked him about the possibility of a Radiohead pic a la Bohemian Rhapsody at the Ivor Novello Awards, where Greenwood won for Best Original Score for Phantom Thread. Greenwood, of course, shot down the idea, but he did have an actor in mind who could play him, though he couldn’t come up with his specific name: “Who’s that guy from Saturday Night Live who’s slightly unusual-looking? He made that comedy recently about that hitman who ends up becoming an actor.” That would be Bill Hader, buddy, and Greenwood is referring to his popular HBO series Barry.

He also said that Stephen Merchant could play guitarist Ed O’Brien, but he couldn’t think of anyone that could play Thom Yorke. But don’t expect a Radiohead film any time soon: “Well, you’re experiencing in real-time how awkward and unengaging I am, so it would just be awful. It would be gruesome,” Greenwood told the NME interviewer. “When we started, we were obsessed with recording ourselves and listening to ourselves. We weren’t that interested in spreading it beyond that. We were a very inward-looking group.”

Still, though… What’s your Radiohead biopic dream cast?