Watch Spiritualized Play A Gorgeous “I’m Your Man” On Colbert

Spiritualized mastermind Jason Pierce is one of our great icy, disaffected rock frontmen. I’ve seen Pierce play entire shows without ever once looking at the audience. And last night on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, Pierce brought every bit of that presence — that strange combination of exposed-nerve vulnerability and intimidating cool. This guy should be on TV more often.

Last year, after a long absence, Spiritualized returned with the stunning new LP And Nothing Hurts. It remains one of 2018’s best rock albums. And last night, the band came through the Late Show to perform “I’m Your Man,” a gospel-infused jam about trying your hardest to hold it together even when shit doesn’t come easy for you: “If you want wasted, loaded, permanently folded, doing the best that he can / I’m your man.”

Pierce recorded almost all of And Nothing Hurts by himself at home. On Colbert, though, he had a big and impressive live band, including a horn section and a full complement of backup singers. Together, they all brought out the dizzy, wounded majesty of a really great song. This is one of the cooler late-night performances I’ve seen in recent memory, and you can watch it below.

And Nothing Hurts is out now on Fat Possum. Read our Cover Story feature on Spiritualized here.