New Thom Yorke Music Appears Imminent

Thom Yorke has been working on a new solo album lately. In a recent interview, he said that it’s based in a dystopian feeling of anxiety. And it seems like we’re going to get some music from it very soon. Mysterious posters advertising something called “Anima Technologies” have been popping in London trains, The Dallas Observer, and phone booths in Milan. All of them include a phone number that will supposedly help you remember your lost dreams with something called a “dream camera.”

These posters are, in fact, advertisements for Thom Yorke’s new solo album. If you call the number, a voice says, “You are hereby advised that due to serious and flagrant unlawful activities, Anima Technologies has been ordered by the authorities to cease and desist from undertaking its advertised business and further, from taking any telephone calls in relation to the aforesaid business.” And after a tone, part of Yorke’s unreleased solo track “Not The News,” which he debuted live recently, plays.

There’s also a website for Anima Technologies. If you visit it, a statement claims that the site has also been “seized by the Authorities” to prevent the company’s “serious and flagrantly unlawful activities.” Check out the poster for Anima Technologies below, and call 916-619-6192 to hear “Not The News” for yourself.

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