Watch Michelle Obama Nail Harry Styles In The Balls In Late Late Show Dodgeball

Watch Michelle Obama Nail Harry Styles In The Balls In Late Late Show Dodgeball

Right now, James Corden’s Late Late Show is recording episodes in London, a place where James Corden seems to still be more famous than he is here. And in his neverending quest for virality, Corden pulled out his biggest guns for last night’s show, staging a US vs. UK celebrity dodgeball showdown. Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who already did Carpool Karaoke with Corden (and Missy Elliott) on the White House grounds three years ago, was game enough to anchor the US team. And while this whole thing was staged as a supremely goofy series of celebrity comedy sketches, it appears that the two teams really did play three convincingly legit dodgeball games, and that one of those games ended with Michelle Obama straight-up drilling Harry Styles in the nuts.

Look: It’s a stretch to post this video on a music website. We know that. Michelle Obama’s team is all movie stars: Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, Allison Janney, Lena Waithe. Corden’s team involves on movie star (Benedict Cumberbatch), one Game Of Thrones star (Samwell Tarly, whose real-life name is apparently John Bradley), and Corden’s own bandleader Reggie Watts. The only professional musician in the bunch is Harry Styles. (Reggie Watts plays music on TV, but he’s a comedian. Kate Hudson’s father Bill was part of the hitmaking ’70s group the Hudson Brothers, but I don’t think that counts.)

But any time you can share video of Harry Styles getting his testicles mashed by a projectile thrown by a beloved international figure, you do it. This magical moment occurs at the 6:48 mark of the video below. Please enjoy.

In our dark future, where Eric Trump and Kodak Black are taking turns dick-slapping each other while a variety show delightedly hoots, this will seem like an artifact of a bygone golden age.

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