Stream Daphni’s New Sizzling EP

Stream Daphni’s New Sizzling EP

We mostly know Dan Snaith as the psychedelic chameleon behind the great and ever-evolving Caribou. But Caribou haven’t released an album since 2014’s Our Love. And lately, Snaith has been busier with Daphni, his dance-music alter-ego. Under that name, Snaith has been cranking out singles for a while, and he released a Fabriclive DJ mix two years ago. Earlier this month, Snaith came out with “Sizzling,” a new banger built out of a 1981 single from Paradise. That song was merely the opening shot of a whole new Daphni EP. And today, that EP is out.

Snaith just released the new Daphni 12″ EP Sizzling, which includes two different takes on the “Sizzling” single. It’s also got three entirely new tracks. And on first listen, Snaith has used the EP to find a whole new sound. Where Snaith used to make finely sculpted, tasteful dance music under the Daphni moniker, Sizzling is something else. Sizzling big and rude and party-ready. It’s nothing but one banger after another.

Dan Snaith knows how to put a track together. He’s been doing it for nearly 20 years. But it’s still a thrill to hear him find a new gear, making house as shameless and physical as what we hear on Sizzling. If anything, the new EP reminds me a bit of early Basement Jaxx, which is not something I was expecting to say. Stream it for yourself below.

The Sizzling EP is out now, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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