Woman Gives Birth At Pink Concert, Names Baby After Her

You have to be a really, really big fan of someone if you’re going to see that person play live when you’re nine months pregnant. Evidently, Pink has some really, really big fans. Last night, Pink played a show at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium. She opened with “Get This Party Started,” and as she was singing the song, one of the fans in the stadium went into labor. Stadium paramedics delivered the baby in the stadium’s first aid room. The kid was coming out, so they had to get this party started.

The Liverpool Echo reports that John Matthews and Dani Berg, the two on-staff medics at the stadium last night, had to make their way across the stadium to reach Denise Jones, the mother. Matthews says that they didn’t have time to get her to a hospital or to administer any sort of anesthetic. They also didn’t have any equipment other than a bed. Matthews says, “This doesn’t happen very often and I’d never delivered a baby in Anfield before. When things go well, it’s always a good feeling.”

Berg gives some of the credit to the stadium stewards, who carried the mother out of her section: “If it hadn’t been for them, we would have had to deliver the baby in the main stand with 4,600 people watching us.”

Jones named the baby Dolly Pink. Talking to the Echo, she says, “I’m still massively in shock, just a bit gutted I missed the concert.”

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