Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daugher” Video

Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daugher” Video

Earlier this summer, Miley Cyrus released She Is Coming, the first EP in a three-EP series that she’s got planned out. And this morning, she dropped the bright, attention-grabbing video for the EP’s opening track, the would-be feminist anthem “Mother’s Daughter.” It’s a sharp, stylish video, and it has a definite point of view.

In the clip, we see Cyrus and various women and non-binary (including Cyrus’ mother Tish) striking dramatic and provocative poses against bright-pink backgrounds. Cyrus herself wears a festishy-looking red vinyl jumpsuit and brings back the constantly-sticking-her-tongue-out thing from the “We Can’t Stop” days. There’s a lot of nipple and vagina imagery, so this one might be ever so slightly NSFW, depending on where you work. Alexandre Moors directs.

While all this is happening, text onscreen flashes messages: “Feminist AF,” “Not an object,” “Tough titties.” We can sit here and debate all day whether this kind of statement from an artist like Cyrus — one who is already always making statements — means anything in a big-picture sort of way. But the video is bright and fast and eye-grabbing in that Marilyn Manson/Missy Elliott/old-school Lady Gaga kind of way. Check it out below.

The She Is Coming EP is out now on RCA.

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