Kanye West Says He’s Building Low-Income Housing Inspired By Star Wars

The clothes that Kanye West makes for his Yeezy line already look like Jedi robes from a galaxy far, far away. And now, he’s apparently trying to build low-income housing based on architecture from Star Wars. In a new Forbes cover story, Kanye reveals that he’s working with a team of designers to create prefabricated housing units for the homeless with an aesthetic inspired by Luke Skywalker’s igloo-like home on the fictional planet of Tatooine.

For the story, West takes writer Zack O’Malley Greenburg on a tour of of the prototypes. “There, with the hazy heft of something enormous and far away, stand a trio of structures that look like the skeletons of wooden spaceships,” Greenburg writes. “They’re the physical prototypes of his concept, each oblong and dozens of feet tall, and West leads me inside each one. He tells me they could be used as living spaces for the homeless, perhaps sunk into the ground with light filtering in through the top.”

Unsurprisingly, that’s not the only far-out concept that Kanye’s working on. Also in the pipeline, according to the article: “a shoe made out of algae that will biodegrade completely over time in landfills — or almost immediately if sprayed with a certain type of bacteria.” And he has plenty of money to spend on realizing these dreams, as Forbes pegs his pretax income at $150 million over the past 12 months, mostly due to the success of his Yeezy shoes. I look forward to listening to Yandhi while wearing my fresh algae kicks in my desert space-igloo.

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