Maria Usbeck – “Nostalgia”

Ecuador-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Maria Usbeck is releasing her sophomore LP, Envejeciendo, next month. It’s a concept album about society’s obsession with youth and death, filled with pop songs performed in English and Spanish. The album title is Spanish for “aging.”

So far, we’ve heard the dreamy lead single, “Amor Anciano,” a song about long lost loves and what could’ve been. Today, she shares “Nostalgia.” It’s dramatic and disorienting and heavy on the synths. Retro textures drawn from ’80s synth-pop and ’90s tech-house are filtered through a futuristic lens.

“‘Nostalgia’ is about the moment when you slowly start realizing that you miss everything that was around you at a certain point in life,” Usbeck explains. “The music, the people, all of it. Feeling more and more out of touch with what’s currently popular.” Listen below.

Envejeciendo is out 8/16 via Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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