Weeping Icon – “Ripe For Consumption” Video

The experimental New York group Weeping Icon released their debut EP, Eyeball Under, back in 2017, and this fall they’ll follow it up with their first self-titled full-length album. “Ripe For Consumption” is its lead single, a frothing, tightly-knotted track about the commodification of art and culture and becoming successful at the risk of losing your values.

“Ripe for Consumption” is about the mutation many art professionals undergo as they move up the scales of independent platforms to larger stages,” the band said in a statement about the track, continuing:

Stepping into the limelight without hesitation and eager to take credit for generating projects that were often manufactured and maintained by community members who remain unrecognized (often the socially disenfranchised), these personalities are flocked to and flattered by the frenzied masses looking for a connection to boost their own rise in the social world of art. The “Ripe for Consumption” video responds to this concept by focusing on a day in the life of three 2000s punk kids – ghosts of the past who initiated so many of us into an adoration for challenging art, who live in us still. They call on us all to remember a time when we rebelliously challenged the world around us because we had no social equity to lose.

Watch and listen below.

01 “(drag me out)”
02 “Ankles”
03 “(you should listen to me)”
04 “Be Anti”
05 “(safe space)”
06 “Ripe For Consumption”
07 “(in the news)”
08 “Natural Selection”
09 “(suits)”
10 “Power Trip”
11 “(the way it is)”
12 “Like Envy”
13 “(perfect the art)”
14 “Control”

Weeping Icon is out 9/27 via Fire Talk/Kanine. Pre-order it here.

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