Stream Lisel’s Debut Album Angels On The Slope

Stream Lisel’s Debut Album Angels On The Slope

We’ve been following the lead-up to the release of Lisel’s debut album, Angels On The Slope, pretty closely. The ethereal pop project is masterminded by LA-based artist Eliza Bagg of Pavo Pavo, putting out her first work as a solo artist. So far, we’ve heard the tracks “Ciphers,” “Digital Light Field” and “Vanity.”

“My main instrument is my voice, not a keyboard or a guitar, so I wanted it to be the genesis of every song,” Bagg said in a press statement. “I was trying to use the resources I had within me, within my body, to make something that feels true about the way we live our lives now, in 2019. That’s why I wanted to focus on my voice-I wanted each song to be literally made out of me.”

Today, the whole thing is available to stream and we can finally hear Bagg’s lush soundscapes in their entirety. Stream Angels On The Slope below.

Angels On The Slope is out 7/26 on Luminelle.

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