Watch Denzel Curry & Slowthai Perform An Unreleased Song At Lollapalooza

Denzel Curry performed at Lollapalooza over the weekend, and he brought out the promising British rapper Slowthai — who put out his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain, a few months back — to perform an unreleased collaboration of theirs.

It’s not the first time they’ve teased this song live — Slowthai has made a habit of occasionally closing his concerts with it and the two of them performed it together at Glastonbury earlier this year — but it is a particularly hyped-up rendition of it, and hopefully now that there’s a little distance from their respective album cycles (Curry released ZUU in May), maybe it’ll see an official release soon.

Check out video for the Lolla set below.

Denzel Curry and Slowthai playing unreleased song at Laollapalooza 2019 from r/hiphopheads