Hesitation Wounds – “At Our Best When We’re Asleep”

There’s a new Hesitation Wounds album coming out, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s going to be nasty. Hesitation Wounds is the straight-up hardcore side project led by Jeremy Bolm, frontman of Los Angeles post-hardcore giants Touché Amoré. In Hesitation Wounds, Bolm is joined by members of Gouge Away, Trap Them, and the Hope Conspiracy. Three years ago, they released the roiling, intense debut album Awake For Everything. And now they’re getting ready to give us a follow-up that might be even heavier.

Hesitation Wounds recorded the sophomore LP Chicanery with Trap Them producer Zach Tuch. Kurt Ballou, great heavy-music producer and guitarist for obvious Hesitation Wounds inspiration Converge, mixed the album. We’ve already heard the raw-as-hell first single “Paragons Of Virtue.” And today, Hesitation Wounds share another new one called “At Our Best When We’re Asleep.”

As the title suggests, “At Our Best When We’re Asleep” finds Bolm raging about feeling constantly barraged and overwhelmed: “Another day in disarray / Always set to fail / Depression is so passé when it’s not for sale.” The music is, of course, an overwhelming barrage, a riotous two-minute onslaught. Listen to it below.

Chicanery is out 8/30 on Deathwish, Inc.