Mike Posner Got Bit By A Rattlesnake

Earlier this year, the EDM-adjacent pop musician Mike Posner — the man who had big hits with 2010’s “Cooler Than Me” and 2015’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” — embarked on a grand stunt. He announced that he would spend most of 2019 walking across America, from New Jersey to California. This was a personal journey, influenced by the deaths of both Posner’s father and Avicii. But it was also a bit of a publicity deal; he planned to release a new single every time he crossed a state line. For now, though, Posner is going to have to put that whole project on hold because he got bit by a damn rattlesnake.

TMZ reports that Posner was walking across Colorado on Wednesday when a baby rattlesnake appeared out of nowhere and bit his ankle. Posner had to be airlifted to a hospital, where he was given anti-venom. (Posner on Twitter: “That venom is no joke!” He also, naturally, used the snake emoji.)

Posner won’t be able to continue his big trek for a few weeks, but he insists that he’ll reembark on it as soon as he can. Hopefully, he can finish his trip without encountering any bears or bigfoots or anything.

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