Watch Torche Rip Through Two Songs On Seth Meyers

Watch Torche Rip Through Two Songs On Seth Meyers

Underground metal bands don’t really get booked onto late-night talk shows — not even if they’re really good underground metal bands, with big, accessible hooks and dependable fanbases. So it’s a real delight to see veteran Miami thunderstompers Torche getting a rare opportunity to play heavenly sludge-riffs on network television.

Torche just released the new album Admission, which whips a whole lot of ass. They’re also a blazing live band, and evidently someone in the Late Night With Seth Meyers booking office realized this. On last night’s episode of Late Night, Torched blasted their way through Admission’s title track. And they also got to do the online-bonus encore thing, busting out the even-heavier “Infierno.”

My wife, walking into the room while I was watching those two performances just now: “This sounds like Alice In Chains.” She did not mean this as a good thing. But she’s right! Torche totally sound like Alice In Chains! And that is a good thing! Also: Alice In Chains were absolutely fucking huge, and Torche should be, too. Watch those performances below.

Admission is out now on Relapse.

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