Watch Chance The Rapper Talk About Parenthood, Perform “Eternal” With Smino On Ellen

Yesterday, Chance The Rapper announced that he was postponing his fall arena tour. Chance’s second baby was born just a week ago, and he explained in an Instagram post that he wanted to be home with his wife and kids, that he didn’t want to miss any milestones. (The tour will now kick off in January.) But while he’s waiting to hit the road, Chance is still doing all the media stuff that he has to do to promote The Big Day, the album he released earlier this summer. A couple of nights ago, Chance was a guest on David Spade’s Comedy Central show Lights Out. And this morning, Chance was on Ellen.

Chance has, of course, been on Ellen before. He might be the ultimate Ellen guest — the one celebrity who’s just as performatively nice as Ellen DeGeneres herself. Sitting down with DeGeneres for an interview, Chance did all the cute things you would expect him to do. He described his new daughter so that Ellen could draw her face. He told the story of falling in love with his wife when he was nine. He talked about Jesus, as the camera showed his parents and his brother Taylor in the audience. Ellen gave him a bunch of baby clothes.

And Chance also made an elaborate production of performing “Eternal,” one of the songs from The Big Day. Chance and his backup singers wore matching white tuxedos and did choreographed dance steps, and the stage was made up to look like an old-timey bandstand. At the end of the song, Ellen came out in a white tux herself, and she did Chance’s dance steps with him. Fellow Chicago-based rapper Smino came out to do his guest verse, but he was spared the whole matching-suits-and-dancing thing. Watch the interview and the performance below.

The Big Day is out now.