Clipping – “Blood Of The Fang” Video

Clipping – “Blood Of The Fang” Video

In a couple of weeks, the nerve-jangled, confrontational rap trio Clipping — they’ve dropped the period from their name — will return with the new album There Existed An Addiction To Blood. We’ve already posted the dark and gruesome John Carpenter homage “Nothing Is Safe” and the Benny The Butcher/The Rita/Elcamino collab “La Mala Ordina.” Today, Clipping share a new video for the song that gives the new album its name.

The new single “Blood Of The Fang” is built around a sample of Sam Waymon’s score for Ganja & Hess, a 1973 experimental horror film about a black anthropologist who encounters ancient African vampires. (Spike Lee remade it in 2014 as Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.) The song in the sample lays out the movie’s whole mythology, and Daveed Diggs uses it as a jumping-off point, exploring America’s history of killing and victimizing its militant black leaders.

The video does something similar. According to a press release, the clip is inspired by a famous 1967 photo of the late Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton, handcuffed to a hospital gurney after being wounded in a gunfight with police. Director Lars Jan, a multidisciplinary visual artist, opens the video with Diggs bleeding and handcuffed to a gurney himself. Later on, he’s a dark reflection in a pool of blood, or a blood-spattered doctor. It’s a heavy, poignant, provocative piece of imagery, and you can watch it below.

There Existed An Addiction To Blood is out 10/18 on Sub Pop.

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