Gus Seyffert – “Hold On”

Gus Seyffert has been playing guitar on other people’s records for a decade now, amassing credits on songs from Sia, Beck, Jenny Lewis, the Black Keys, and many more. More recently, he’s been producing albums that have a similar languid Los Angeles folk sound, including Steady Holiday’s 2018 LP Nobody’s Watching and both Bedouine albums, including this year’s excellent Bird Songs Of A Killjoy.

Seyffert recently released a new song of his own, “Hold On,” which is balmy and warm, a drooping track that hopes love and acceptance can continue on given time. “You know just what I am/ And you accept the boy inside the man and I keep hoping you can/ Hold on if you got the time,” he sings on it. Listen below.

“Hold On” is out now.

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