Corridor – “Pow”

Corridor are gearing up to release their third album, Junior, next Friday. It will follow 2015’s Le Voyage Éternel and 2017’s Supermercado. The big difference this time is the album is coming out on Sub Pop.

So far, we’ve heard two singles from the Montreal band’s latest, the stratified “Topographe,” and the twitchy jive “Domino.” Today, they’re sharing their third single from Junior, “Pow.”

This track takes that twitchiness from “Domino” a step further. It is borderline schizoid in terms of the layers of movement working throughout. Methodically ostentatious guitars layers gyrate back and forth; meanwhile, a bubbly synth rises up vertically. The top vocals do not match the frenzied cadence of the synths and percussion, but this contrast has a really interesting hastening effect that gives a sense of urgency to the otherwise blasé lyrical delivery. All elements considered, “Pow” could be potentially disorienting — but Corridor thrives in the messy entanglement.

Listen to “Pow” below.

Junior is out 10/18 via Sub Pop (worldwide) and Bonsound (Canada). Pre-order it here.

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