Stream Never Ending Game’s Debut Album Just Another Day

Big Thief’s Two Hands is the best album that came out today. That seems safe to say, right? Music is subjective, but Two Hands is extremely good, and if you read this website, you will probably like it. But Big Thief’s Two Hands will not make you feel like Brock Lesnar just suplexed you into a volcano. Never Ending Game’s Just Another Day is the best album that came out today that will make you feel like Brock Lesnar just suplexed you into a volcano.

Never Ending Game come from Detroit, and they make brutal, riff-driven, unbelievably gully hardcore. They’re not a post-hardcore, or a thrash-revival crossover band, or a band doing some kind of arty take on some historical hardcore subgenre. They’re just a fucking hardcore band. They’re the hardest fucking hardcore band.

There are a few leftfield moments on Just Another Day, Never Ending Game’s brand-new debut album — a sample here, a playful late-’80s funk-metal interlude there. But for the most part, Never Ending Game make colossal, brutal, crushing mosh-music. They’re the type of band where some stranger might accidentally kick you in the head even if you’re listening to it alone in your house. What I’m saying is: This album might magically conjure some windmilling stranger into your living room, and this windmilling stranger might kick you in the head. He won’t mean to do it, and he’ll help you up as soon as you fall down, but you’ll still have a welt on your head the next day. It’s that type of album. So be careful.

Just Another Day fucking rules. It destroys. You should really listen to it. We already posted two early songs, “Puppet” and “God Forgives…” And now the whole album is out, and it is ready to cave your entire face in. Stream it below.

Just Another Day is out now on Triple B Records.