Stream La Neve’s Debut Album The Vital Cord

Stream La Neve’s Debut Album The Vital Cord

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco plays slashing, urgent guitar in the great Providence punk band Downtown Boys. But she also makes music on her own, under the alias La Neve. La Neve’s music has its own sense of anger and urgency, just like Downtown Boys, but its aesthetic sensibility is completely different. La Neve makes hybridized dance music, drawing on the history of disco, house, techno, industrial, and New Order-ish new wave. We’ve already posted the monstrous tracks “A Pretty Red” and “Maximum Wage.” And today, La Neve follows up her 2017 EP American Sounds with her full-length debut The Vital Cord.

Musically, The Vital Cord recalls the great dance-punk moment of the early ’00s. But the context is all different. For one thing, I don’t remember any of those bands being as unapologetically, visibly queer as La Neve. For another, most of those bands weren’t loudly, forcefully political, either. A Vital Cord is an album driven by righteous rage at the capitalist machine, and it’s coming out on Columbus Day for a reason. It’s a fully DIY affair; La Neve produces and plays almost all the instruments herself.

Today, La Neve also has a new video for the playfully pounding album track “Stability.” La Neve stars as all the members of her own backing band, and she also dances with computer-animated guillotines. Kara Stokowski directs. Below, stream The Vital Cord and watch the “Stability” video.

The Vital Cord is out now, and you can buy it at Bandcamp.

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