Burial Announces New Album Tunes 2011-2019

Burial, the mysterious and beloved UK producer, has not released an album in 12 years. Untrue, the last Burial album, is so old that people were using the word “dubstep” to describe it. Nobody even worried about having to explain that “dubstep” didn’t necessarily mean Skrillex bass-drops. That was an eternity ago. But now, Burial has announced the forthcoming release of a new double-CD collection called Tunes 2011-2019, which is coming out in December and which may or may not exist for the express purpose of fucking up everyone’s decade-end lists.

Burial has spent the past decade cranking out 12″ singles and EPs at irregular intervals. In Tunes 2011-2019, he collects 17 of those songs, including recent-vintage classics like “Rival Dealer,” “Street Halo,” and “Loner.” (Burial’s collabs with people like the Bug and Zomby don’t appear on the collection, and neither do his remixes.) Burial sequenced the collection himself. Check out the tracklist below.


01 “State Forest”
02 “Beachfires”
03 “Subtemple”
04 “Young Death”
05 “Nightmarket”
06 “Hiders”
07 “Come Down To Us”
08 “Claustro”
09 “Rival Dealer”

01 “Kindred”
02 “Loner”
03 “Ashtray Wasp”
04 “Rough Sleeper”
05 “Truant”
06 “Street Halo”
07 “Stolen Dog”
08 “NYC”

Tunes 2011-2019 is out 12/6 on Hyperdub.

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