Empty Country – “Marian”

A couple months back, Cymbals Eat Guitars leader Joseph D’Agostino revealed his new solo project Empty Country with two new songs, “Ultrasound,” which will appear on his forthcoming 2020 album, and “Jets,” which won’t.

In a new interview with Billboard, D’Agostino talked about the decision to quietly disband his former group and push forward with a new endeavor. “We wanted to quietly deep-six it,” he said. “We could have told everybody that our December 2017 shows were gonna be our final shows, but — I dunno. It just seemed a little gaudy to do so. We were never people to draw attention to ourselves in that way.”

Today, D’Agostino is officially announcing his new album, which is also called Empty Country — it’ll be out in February. He’s also sharing “Marian,” the album’s opener that was inspired by the death of his grandmother by a drunk driver in 1983. It’s a folky, rambling six-minute track that builds to an elegiac chorus. Listen to it below.

01 “Marian”
02 “Diamond”
03 “Ultrasound”
04 “Untitled”
05 “Chance”
06 “Emerald”
07 “Becca”
08 “Clearing”
09 “Southern Cloud”
10 “Swim”

Empty Country is out 2/14 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.