Alicia Keys Is Hosting The Grammys Again

When the Grammys find a host they can work with, the show goes back to that host again and again. LL Cool J hosted the Grammys five years in a row even though he did not show the tiniest shred of personality during a single one of those shows. James Corden got to host the Grammys twice despite being objectively terrible at it. Earlier this year, for the first time, Alicia Keys hosted the big show. So it does not come as much of a surprise that she’ll do it again next year.

This is not terrible news. Last year, Alicia Keys did just fine. She had kind of a wacky earth-mother vibe, and there was a little interlude where she played two pianos at once. She didn’t set the world on fire, but she generally avoided irritating, and that’s all you can ask. (I can’t even imagine what an actively good Grammys host would look like. As far as I can tell, there has never been one.) The Grammys were a mess, of course, but the Grammys are always a mess, and you can’t pin that on Alicia Keys. She is, once again, a pretty good choice.

Keys made the announcement about next year’s show in a new comedy-skit video. In the clip, we see Keys arguing with herself — her past self, maybe? — while meditating, getting out of the shower, and playing piano. Beyond Alicia Keys’ comedy chops:

Next year’s Grammys go down 1/26, and the show will air live on CBS.