Burial – “Old Tape”

In a couple of weeks, the mercurial UK vibe-conjurer Burial will release his new compilation Tunes 2011-2019, a collection of many of the loose tracks that he’s released over the past decade. And just in time for that, he’s released another loose track, one that won’t appear on the album.

Today, Burial’s longtime label, the long-running bass music imprint Hyperdub, teamed up with Adult Swim to release a new compilation called Hyperswim. The comp, which celebrates Hyperdub’s 15th anniversary, features new tracks from luminaries like Laurel Halo, Kode9, and Dean Blunt. And right in the middle, there’s a lovely new eight-minute Burial song called “Old Tape.”

“Old Tape” is a sort of meditation on synthy Italo-disco and on stuff like the Knight Rider theme. It’s a tense, meditative pulse of a track with a vocal sample pulled from who knows where, a British guy’s voice wondering about “if you were myyyyyy love.” Check it out below.

You can check out all of Hyperswim here.

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