Stream MfnMelo’s New Album Everybody Eats

Saba has spent the past few years proving himself to be one of the greatest young talents on the eternally rich Chicago rap scene. But Saba didn’t show up alone. He’s part of Pivot Gang, a tightly knit rap crew from Chicago’s West Side. Earlier Pivot Gang came together to release You Can’t Sit With Us, a consistently entertaining group album. And now one of the other Pivot Gang members is getting a chance to shine on his own.

Today, Pivot Gang member MFnMelo releases his new album Everybody Eats. If you’re into Saba and Pivot Gang, it’s the type of thing you will probably enjoy. Melo’s got a deep, weathered rasp of a voice. Like his fellow Pivot Gang members, he combines thoughtful, internally driven lyrics with darting, technically precise flows. He favors organic, laid-back beats, though there’s a bit more adrenaline-charged bass-boom in his music than you’ll hear coming from many of his peers. The hardest song is probably the one called “MF DOOM,” which might give you some idea where this guy is coming from.

Everybody Eats is a pretty short album, only about half an hour long, and it’s got appearances from Chicago rappers like Saba, Mick Jenkins, and Qari. Producers like daedaePIVOT and Monte Booker also contribute. You can stream the LP below.

The self-released Everybody Eats is out now.