Someone Paid Mark McGrath To Break Up With Her Boyfriend Via Cameo (UPDATE: It’s Fake)

Al Pereira/WireImage

Someone Paid Mark McGrath To Break Up With Her Boyfriend Via Cameo (UPDATE: It’s Fake)

Al Pereira/WireImage

You know about Cameo, right? It’s an online service where people can pay generally-manageable sums of money so that celebrities can send messages to their loved ones. For the price of a pretty decent dinner, you can get Flavor Flav or Gilbert Gottfried or Johnny Damon to tell someone something. Usually, those messages are something along the lines of “happy birthday.” But some brilliant person has figured out a whole new thing that Cameo can do. You can use Cameo to dump your significant other. You can even hire Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath to do it for you.

Mark McGrath is on Cameo. His rates are reasonable. In his Cameo videos, McGrath looks almost exactly the same as he did in 1998, with the hair and everything. He starts all of them by introducing himself as “Mark McGrath from the band Sugar Ray, off the charts but always in your hearts.”

Today, a video went around Twitter: Mark McGrath delivering a message that basically equates to “stop putting your arms around me, baby.” In the splendidly awkward two-minute video, McGrath attempts to tell a man named Bradyn that the long-distance relationship between him and Cheyanne isn’t working out. McGrath does is best to be nice about it, but he does what he has to do:

You’re a fan of the band Sugar Ray, which I am honored. I wish I was delivering you good news! Hopefully I can see you backstage, give you a high five someday, dude! We can maybe laugh about this sometimes. Hopefully we all can! Cheyanne, Bradyn, all of us, we all could hang out! But, uh, she wants to be friends right now, bro.

Here’s the video:

All around the world, relationships crumble for me. My favorite part: “You got big things ahead of you, bro! If you’re working on a thesis, you got a good life ahead of you.” (This is objectively not true.) You can watch all of Mark McGrath’s most recent Cameo messages here. They are oddly compelling.

UPDATE: Believe it or not, the story of Cheyanne and Bradyn may have been a hoax. Twitter user @SeanAppalled has taken credit for purchasing one of McGrath’s first Cameos shortly after the Sugar Ray frontman joined Cameo (for charity!) earlier this month. He roped in Anthony Scaramucci (also $100, for charity) too.

McGrath has since acknowledged Cheyanne and Bradyn are made up, calling the request “a pretty obvious joke” and tweeting with a winking emoji that he is also available for “real” Cameos.

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