Stream Division Of Mind’s Self-Titled Debut Album

Richmond, Virginia’s Division Of Mind are one of the most promising newish hardcore bands out there right now. They’ve been around since 2017, and they’ve released a couple of demos, but they’re only now getting around to dropping their self-titled full-length debut. It is an absolute fucking monster.

Division Of Mind’s version of hardcore is bleak and intense and so heavy that, when heard at proper volume, it makes me want to throw up. (This is a good thing.) The band’s sound is rooted in beatdown hardcore, but as with Philadelphia’s Jesus Piece, they turn that sound from formula into something overwhelming and even experimental. On their full-length debut, D.O.M. draw on metal, noise-rock, and even industrial. They tie those sounds to a warlike stomp-strut, the kind of sound that makes me want to spinkick my own windows out.

This is a bracing, suffocating sound, and it rules so fucking hard. On first listen, Division Of Mind is making me wonder how much I’ll need to rearrange the list of 2019’s best hardcore albums that I’ve been working on. It’s just nuts. We’ve already posted the early track “EXIT,” but the whole album is now streaming online. Listen below.

Division Of Mind is out 12/6 on Triple B Records.