Stream Your Old Droog’s New Album Jewelry

Stream Your Old Droog’s New Album Jewelry

Brooklyn rapper Your Old Droog has been seriously churning out music this year. In April, he surprise released It Wasn’t Even Close. A second surprise-release album, Transportation, followed in June. And now, he’s back with another surprise drop and his third album of the year, Jewelry.

Your Old Droog’s latest incorporates a lot of his past associates. It was executive produced by Mach-Hommy, who also features on a couple tracks. MF Doom and Matisyahu both appear as well. Beats came from the likes of Quelle Chris, Edan, Tha God Fahim, Cohen Beats, and Preservation. But most of it still has Your Old Droog front and center, with that laidback rasp that first drew comparisons to Nas still working in fine form. (He also references the Nas comparisons in late-album highlight “The Greatest To Ever Do It.”)

There are some fun, tongue-in-cheek track titles, from “Jew Tang” to “Mrs. Cloutfire,” but also some real poignant moments like “Generations.” Much of it sits right in that gritty New York rap aesthetic Droog fits so comfortably within. Above the production credits on Bandcamp, there’s a note calling the album “A Chanukah Celebration.” It’s nice timing indeed for one more YOD album in 2019, but regardless of the occasion: three surprise albums in a year! What a run. Check out Jewelry below.

Jewelry is out now. You can buy it on Bandcamp.

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