Algiers – “We Can’t Be Found” Video

Next week, the experimental London/Atlanta quasi-punk band Algiers will come out with their new album There Is No Year. They recorded it with two producers, Sunn O)))’s Randall Dunn and the Men’s Ben Greenberg. We’ve already posted a handful of the new album’s songs: “Can The Sub_Bass Speak?,” “Dispossession,” “Void.” Today, the band has come out with a video for one more track.

“We Can’t Be Found” is a big rock song, one that’s equal parts tense and soulful. Frontman Franklin James Fisher has a titanic lead vocal, and it’s quite possibly the most straight-up, arena-ready rock song that Algiers have made yet. Ian Cone directed the video, which features the members of the band playing in a long hallway, facing the door, as a sickly-green strobe light flashes at them. The whole time, it feels like something bad is going to happen to them. Check it out below.

Of the new video, guitarist Lee Tesche says:

I always feel the most successful music videos are the ones that are reflective and convey the mood of the song to the listener over everything else. In this instance, we collaborated with the artist Lloyd Benjamin, trying to frame some of his sculpture work in a more abstracted way, referencing the urban dystopian cityscapes found in the German expressionist films of the 1930s. The result aspires to be somewhere in between the unsettling work of Darius Khondji and the set design of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari or Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

There Is No Year is out 1/17 on Matador.

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