Hear Black Midi’s Ed Sheeran Diss Track “ded sheeran (ed sheeran send) part 1″

If you’ve been following the recent feud between UK grime stars Stormzy and Wiley, you know that one of Wiley’s big points of contention with Stormzy is his willingness to make pop music and collaborate with people like Ed Sheeran. “You never cared about grime, you just used it/ Worse than Ed with your watered-down music,” Wiley rapped on the Stormzy diss track “Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send).” And now, for some reason, Black Midi are sort of involved.

A couple of days ago, as NME reports, the experimental London quartet uploaded a new song called “ded sheeran (ed sheeran send) part 1.” And yes, dear reader, it’s a bizarre Ed Sheeran diss track that samples Britney Spears’ iconic “it’s Britney, bitch” and has lyrics like “Ed Sheeran sucks/ you sellout ginger prick/ your music is doodoo, believe me man we don’t need you” sung by Black Midi drummer Morgan Simpson. Although the band quickly deleted it from their Soundcloud, you can hear a rip on YouTube below.