1983 Hit “Break My Stride” Is A TikTok Thing Now

1983 Hit “Break My Stride” Is A TikTok Thing Now

Remember Matthew Wilder? The one-hit wonder hit it big in 1983 with his single “Break My Stride” before going on to do things like produce No Doubt’s blockbuster Tragic Kingdom and sing as the character Ling in Disney’s Mulan. And now he, and “Break My Stride,” are a thing on TikTok. For some reason.

Here’s how the viral meme goes, according to Smooth Radio: You text someone you know with the lyrics to “Break My Stride,” line by line, until they either figure out what’s going on or stop responding. And then you film yourself dancing to the song in front of the text chain. That’s it! That’s the thing!

Why is this a thing? Where did it originate? Unclear! (Probably Lil Nas X.) But I, for one, am glad that the youths are now ironically enjoying this classic ’80s jam. Check it out below and revisit our essay on TikTok and the memeification of music here.


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