Peppa Pig Sued For Ripping Off Louise Redknapp’s ’90s Hit “Naked”

Peppa Pig Sued For Ripping Off Louise Redknapp’s ’90s Hit “Naked”

The British children’s character Peppa Pig released her debut album, My First Album, last year. The Peppa industry is now quite large: Her North American fall tour sold over 600,000 tickets and she was recently acquired by Hasbro in a merger worth $3.8 billion dollars. (The toy company also now owns Death Row Records as part of the same deal.)

And, like all pop stars nowadays, Peppa Pig has to deal with a copyright infringement claim. The UK pop singer Louise Redknapp accused Peppa’s creators of ripping off her 1996 single “Naked,” which peaked at #5 on the UK singles chart. According to The Mirror, Redknapp has settled with the Entertainment One, the company that owned Peppa, to gain all backdated and future royalties from the song “Peppa Party Time.”

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