The Avalanches Are Teasing Something

It took the Avalanches 16 years to follow-up their classic Since I Left You with Wildflower, but it looks like it might take them (comparatively) no time at all to release something else new.

A couple days ago, the Avalanches social media accounts started updating with some galactic new images and then a few hours ago they posted a photograph of a billboard in Melbourne, Australia that says “After We Die, What Then?” and “We Will Always Love You” and the website address, which has a teaser video featuring some odd sounds and Morse code. Those beeps spell out The Avalanches.

Not much to go on right now, but suffice to say we should be hearing more from the Avalanches soon. This is certainly more concrete than them saying that they were “officially” working on LP3 way back in 2017.