Trace Mountains – “Lost In The Country”

A couple years ago, Dave Benton released his debut album Trace Mountains, A Partner To Lean On. Since then, his band LVL UP played their last show and Benton moved to Kingston, NY. Today, he’s announcing a new album, Lost In the Country, and sharing its lead single and title track.

It’s a bit more muscular and driving than the calming music he was making before, and it’s about feeling isolated while on the road and feeling disconnected while at home and finding someone else that can relate to both those feelings.

“I used the venue WiFi, I checked my email twice/ As I sat and cried, the singer from the other band asked if I was alright,” Benton recalls. “And they sat with me for a while in the cool dark country/ And there it seemed that we were going to be linked forever…”

“A lot of the songs on this record feel like a bit of an awakening for me, but this one especially,” Benton said. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of your own life and lose important things along the way. ‘Lost in the Country’ is a song about regret and reaching out for the missing things.”

Listen below.

01 “Rock & Roll”
02 “Dog Country”
03 “Me & May”
04 “I Am Leaving You”
05 “Cooper’s Dream”
06 “Lost In The Country”
07 “Benji”
08 “Fallin’ Rain”
09 “Absurdity”
10 “Turn To Blue”

Lost In The Country is out 4/10 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it here.