Stream Young Nudy’s New Mixtape Anyways

Stream Young Nudy’s New Mixtape Anyways

The Atlanta rapper Young Nudy has come up rapping on the bleary, chaotic beats of ascendant producer Pi’erre Bourne. Nudy was the first artist of any note to work with Bourne, and last year, the two of them teamed up for the collaborative album Sli’merre. At the time, I mostly heard Nudy as a good showcase for Bourne’s beats. But today, Nudy released a new mixtape with no Pi’erre Bourne beats, and it makes a strong argument for him as his own kind of voice.

Today, without much advance warning, Young Nudy released the new mixtape Anyways. It’s 16 songs long, and it lasts nearly an hour. There are no guest appearances from other rappers. Clearly, that is too long for a mixtape of guest-free Young Nudy raps to be. The tracks mostly come from relatively unknown producers like 20 Rocket and Coupe. But on first listen, Anyways works as a strong piece of stoned, locked-in Atlanta rap music.

Young Nudy has a cool voice, a kind of grizzled and gravelly gurgle. He raps with an unfocused energy, drawl-yammering with his own sense of playful rhythm. He’s clearly got an ear for beats, whether or not Pi’erre Bourne is the guy producing them. If you’re interested, you can check out the tape below.

Anyways is out now on RCA.

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