Bernie Sanders Announces LA Rally With Public Enemy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt witnessed the recent momentum of Bernie Sanders’ campaign to become the Democratic nominee for president. Already a beloved figure, he’s leapt to the front of the pack. And perhaps it comes as no surprise regardless that a lot of young artists have thrown their support behind him. All the way back in July of last year, he was hanging with Cardi B; in October, Jack White played a rally of his. There have been plenty more since: from Ratboys and Soccer Mommy to big-time indie names like the Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, and the Strokes. Oh, and Zola Jesus is voting for him even though Amy Klobuchar is her cousin.

These appearances have already led to some very special moments, from Bernie Sanders thanking artists with names like Ratboys and Soccer Mommy in his heavy accent, to Julian Casablancas singing “New York City Cops” into the face of an actual pissed-off cop trying to shut down the Strokes’ performance at an actual rally for someone who might become president. Wild times! And now, we might have another noteworthy one for the history books on the way.

Today, the Sanders campaign have announced a rally in LA this Sunday, two days before Super Tuesday. It features quite an assortment of guests, from Sarah Silverman to Dick Van Dyke to Public Enemy Radio (a sort of mini-Public Enemy offshoot established by Chuck D last year). Of course, Public Enemy was always politically engaged, but this means we’re now going to get a Sanders rally completely oriented around the idea of “Fight The Power.” It all takes place at the LA Convention Center this Sunday, 3/1, with doors opening at 3PM and the event itself kicking off at 5PM. You can find event details here.