Racecar – “Hand Over The Thing”

Madeline Robinson is one-half of the Bloomington, IN duo Nice Try, who have put out two wonderful albums worth of tender-hearted indie-pop songs. She has a new project called Racecar, which is releasing its debut album — the appropriately titled Racecar Music — next week, and she recently shared “Hand Over The Thing” from it as a preview.

The track is warm and worn, but Robinson has a pop sensibility that worms its way into your head. “Hand Over The Thing” is an internal dialogue about remaining steadfast and true and feeling a little dumb about how devoted you can be.

“I even fear I would wait for weeks, for mere months for you/ I’d wait for years and years and years,” she sings, her delivery heightened to a comical degree. “I said it like a joke, but that’s what I always do,” she emphasizes later on, a sentiment that feels right for someone who writes songs that feel casual on first pass but unfurl into something dazzlingly sharp.

Listen below.

01 “Blew It”
02 “Lobby”
03 “Hand Over The Thing”
04 “Feel It Too”
05 “Loves”
06 “Tell Me No”
07 “Becoming Mush”
08 “Wretched”

Racecar Music is out 3/14. Pre-order it here.

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