Haim Announce Deli Tour

The cover art for Haim’s new album, Women In Music Pt. III, was shot at the Los Angeles deli Canter’s, where the sisters played their first show when they were kids. Now Haim are going on a tour to play in a few delis in select cities. They’ll be in New York City tomorrow (3/10), Washington DC on 3/11, and Chicago on 3/13, with shows in Denver and Los Angeles to be announced.

“Our first show ever was at canters deli in 2000 so we decided we want to play shows at different delis across America to celebrate our new record,” they wrote in a statement on Instagram. We’ve never done anything like this before so let’s all get together and eat some matzo ball soup and we’ll play you some songs live. Maybe some new ones??”

Tickets and more details are available here.

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